I started drawing cartoons just over a year ago, I never really though much about it, drawing little doodles and putting snarky comments in speech bubbles had been something I’d done since i was a child. there was no real goal or target, just something I did to make myself laugh.

on march 15th, with about 150 views on my blog, spurred on by some comments by a few friends, I forked out the money for some decent equipment and set myself a target of 1000 views,

well at about 11:15pm yesterday I hit 1001 views.

in one month, with about 50 posts, (which at my speed is about 2 solid days of cartooning) I got 9 times as many hits as in the entire year previous,

I’d like to thank everyone that shared/liked/commented on my posts on various social media and on wordpress, and special thanks to Craig Radford, for just being fucking epic, also thanks to the various sources of inspiration, George Hook for on occasion being so wrong only a picture could express it, to my ever sarcastic, acerbic and hilarious father, and stupid people everywhere.



I’ll probably edit a cartoon into this later but for now, thank you all