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But deputy… what if someone breaks in while you’re not home, steals your gun, and uses it to break into the next hous?

Then the next house should have a machine gun


And the next should have a flame thrower

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I’ll need copies of all those pornographic emails, and names of those who sent them.

For evidence?

Yeah…. evidence…sure


For more read here featured one of my cartoons earlier, and this was then tweeted by Annie West, the artist/illustrator, greatest day ever!



Wait, on  Mars is that a…

Yep, apparently they drew it by “mistake”

But why is it ejaculating on a pair of breasts?

Well, once you’ve started


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This just in, we’re getting horrific reports of 21 people killed in a terror attack in… oh wait false alarm its only in China. Now to Steve with the sport.

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Well Minister?

I dont know, have you got anything along the lines of “the poor need to pay more”?